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Series » B » Blue Bloods » Season 1 » Episode 18

Blue Bloods Season 1 Episode 18 - To Tell the Truth

Release year
Crime, Drama
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­While stopping at a Deli in Harlem after a lateshift, Danny is the eyewitness to a murder. Danny is able to identify the killer, Raymundo Salazar, a Peruvian drug lord. The victim, David Taylor, is simply a local school teacher but Danny learns was in a relationship with Salazar’s girlfriend Sylvia. Lyle Greene, the Special Narcotics Prosecutor tells Erin, Danny and Jackie Salazar has been difficult to prosecute, with limited evidence and a history of intimidating and killing witnesses. Danny is confident that he can take Salazar down with his testimony and has him brought into police custody. Given Salazar’s reputation, Danny has his family taken into police protection but Salazar’s men disguised as detectives pick up Linda at their home and kidnap her. With Linda now kidnapped, they attempt to stop Danny from testifying and he is determined to find her. After Sylvia’s dead body is found in one of Salazar’s vehicles, they are able to trace the tricked out car to a specific detailer who is able to give them information where the SUV was originally delivered. They raid the houses in Harlem crawling with Salazar's crew and Danny finds Linda, tied up in the basement and scared, but unharmed. Shortly thereafter, just as Greene is telling the court that Danny is a no-show, Danny enters the courtroom to testify. Frank and Baker arrest Lyle Greene after discovering evidence that he has been on Salazar’s payroll to keep him out of jail, until now. [ ]more